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The Challenge

Lindbjerg Chimney builds and repairs chimneys in Metro Vancouver. The owner, Henning Lindbjerg contacted me to design a website. He needed a construction business website that could generate sales leads. So it would require me designing the site, and then creating a marketing campaign to get qualified traffic to the site.

I delivered a complete website and marketing solution that helped Lindbjerg Chimney succeed. Today the company is in demand, with a locally recognized brand.

Here are some highlights of this website design and marketing project.

Creating a Brand

As with every site I design, I started by learning about the business, and getting familiar with the industry and competitive landscape. I love this part of the process because my outsider’s perspective helps me see competitive strengths that businesses often miss about themselves. Those strengths find their way into the personality, and story of the company website.

Next, I created a logo. I used a powerful font to convey the strength and reliability of the Lindbjergs masonry work. I included a house icon to express the company focus on residential chimneys. The logo also adorns their business cards and company vehicles.

Sales Homepage Design

The homepage of acts as both a Sales page and Information page. The layout gives a visual summary of the entire site. This design makes it easy for customers to drill down to the information they want quickly. But in keeping with the project goal, a Free Estimate Request form is always just one click away.

Website Design for Local Contractor

An eye-catching call-to-action button is visible at all times.


Sales copy highlight main services and their benefits.


Three featured service blocks make it simple to get to service info quickly.


A genuine photo of Henning Lindbjerg at hard at work says it all.


Before and After photos are a great way to illustrate the quality and value of the service.


FAQs answer customer questions and help to pre-qualify leads. This content also helps search engines identify the subject of this website.


Genuine testimonials and reviews build customer confidence and increase sales conversions.


A list of each city Lindbjerg serves for clarity, and to improve search engine visibility.


This footer section does a lot of work. It provides branding, navigation, services areas, and contact info.

Getting Traffic and Leads

As a new business and website, Lindbjerg Chimney did not have a pool of customers to draw upon. So I combined Search Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to attract customers. This strategy resulted in a steady stream of visitors from paid, and non-paid sources.

Once at the site, visitors are directed to an Estimate Request Form. Once completed, the forms (sales leads) are sent to a member of the Lindbjerg team. This system enables them to respond to inquiries ASAP using their smartphones.

Contact Forms for Lindbjerg Chimney

The site uses several forms designed to better speak to individual customers needs.

The Results

I delivered a website, including all content, images, sales copy, and branding. I performed research and created SEO and PPC marketing campaigns to attract customers. As a result, within months Lindbjerg Chimney was booking customers months in advance.

Today dominates Google rankings for relevant search terms. Their website remains their primary marketing tool and generates leads every day. It’s been very rewarding for me to help the Lindbjergs build a brand and grow their business.

Contractor Website Design Marketing Results

Takeaways For Business Owners

This case study shows how I was able to get the right traffic and sales leads to grow a construction business. The highlights of this project were:

  • Competitive Research and Strategy
  • Purpose-Built Website Design
  • Technical and Content SEO
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign
  • Results Tracking & Ongoing Maintenance

Of course, a website and marketing are useless if they don’t support a genuine business. Lindbjerg Chimney represents decades of skilled craftsmanship, integrity, and experience. The website and marketing campaign may attract customers and leads. But the Lindbjerg team turns leads into happy customers.

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Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this case study are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the client and their business.