Dental Practice Web Design

Building The Dental Website For Dr. Matthew Osepchook

Dental Website Design

The Challenge

Dr. Matt Osepchook and his award winning dental practice in Nelson BC needed a dental website. They wanted the site to provide resources for patients, and to attract new patients from the area. Also they hoped the website design could solve certain office efficiency problems.

The Goals

After discussing it with them, here’s what the goals for the site looked like:

  • provide information about Dr. Osepchook, and the personality of the practice
  • create content to answer common patient questions
  • make the scheduling process more efficient by posting Dr. Osepchook’s calendar
  • get visibility in google search results to attract new clients

The new dental website would help introduce Dr. O. people throughout the area, and grow the practice.

Dr Matt Osepchook Dental Website

The Right Tone for Dentist’s Website

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. So websites for dentists need prepare patients for a good experience. Dr. Osepchook is a skilled dentist. But he’s also a genuine and friendly person. His staff go out of their way to make the patient’s visits stress-free. Their dental office website design had to convey this.

To express the atmosphere of the dental office, I used a natural and warm colour scheme. I used beautiful, organic images of the Kootenays (taken by a local photographer Lucas Jmieff) as the background to the site. These and other design choices worked to set a tone consistent with relaxed in-office experience patients have.

Dental Website Color Scheme

The colour scheme for Dr. Osepchook’s website.

Saving Customer and Staff Time

Before booking a dental appointment, patients needs to get some questions answered. Typically, people call the office to get answers. But not only is that inconvenient for customers. But it’s also time-intensive for staff members. By creating answer common questions on the site, we saved valuable time for everyone.

As visitors browse the site, they’ll find clear and straightforward explanations of dental procedures. They see who Dr. O is; his professional experience, as well as his interests and motivations. People also learn what to expect (and what they need to bring) on their very first visit.

I also created a customizable calendar which the staff could update as needed. The calendar enables patients to see the doctor’s office schedule at a glance. This info helps them to coordinate their schedule before booking an appointment.

Dental Website iPhone 6

Website design for a dentist. As it appears on iPhone 6.

Getting Discovered By New Patients

Dr. Osepchook’s dental website design needed to be visible in search results so patients looking for a dentist in the area could find him easily. That required doing search engine optimizing on the website, and creating a Google Places for Business listing.

As with every SEO campaign, I stared by learning about the industry. Then I performed keyword research and competitive analysis. Once I had the data I needed, I was able to perform effective on-site, and off-site SEO.

The combination of SEO, and a well-designed Google Business page got the results Dr. O wanted. Dr. Ospechook’s dental website holds the Top Position in targeted search results.

Dental Website Design Results

Today Dr. Matt Ospechook’s dental practice is extremely successful. His team has been recognized by the community of Nelson for his outstanding service and they earning consistently excellent reviews from happy patients.

The dental website design for the practice is playing it’s role, too. The site ranks as the Number One search result for the terms we targeted. The supporting Google Business page I created is also working to direct patients to the website. The website is doing it’s job helping Dr. O’s practice grow, and serve more people in the community.

Dental Website Summary iMac

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