Pharmacy Website Design

Building The Online Home of Surlang Pharmacy

Pharmacy Website Design

The Challenge

Surlang Pharmacy is a neighborhood Medicine Centre Pharmacy in Surrey BC. They’re known to customers for friendly service and pharmacy expertise. They needed a web design to complement their local reputation and credibility. A pharmacy website design with high search engine visibility to attract new customers.

The Goals

After some discussion with their team, it was there were three main goals for the website:

  1. Attract customers to the pharmacy by increasing their online visibility in search results.
  2. Help potential customers learn about their pharmacy services.
  3. Make it clear that they offered full array of products, in addition to their pharmacy services.

To achieve these goals I designed a mobile-friendly website. The design is professional, clean, and welcoming – like their store. To represent their products and services, I planned, and then created dozens of images, and researched and wrote product content.

Finally, to earn visibility in search results, I initiated, and maintain an SEO campaign.

Content Strategy and Architecture

Surlang offers dozens of services and thousands of products. So one of my first tasks was to create a logical and intuitive content structure for the site. But I was going to be creating content too. So the number of pages needed to be manageable. I discussed the content with Surlang until we arrived at a few essential content groupings.

In the end, I created about 40 different pages to cover everything. I also produced images and search optimized each page. Finally, I created clear navigation menus to correspond to the content groupings. I created clear navigation, which makes the site easy to use for people, and helps SEO.

Pharmacy Website Design Content Structure

Organizing products and pharmacy services into groupings that are intuitive for visitors.

Pharmacy Website Design

The Surlang Pharmacy site is mobile responsive. That means it adapts to the user’s device. Whether the visitor is using a smartphone or pc, the site layout will respond to work best for that device. By offering a responsive website Surlang shows they care about their site visitors. This translates into a better overall experience with the Surlang Pharmacy brand.

The colour scheme of the site was based off of the pharmacy brand colour. The brand green with white space gave us the clean, professional, and welcoming feel we wanted.

Pharmacy Website Design Mobile

The final site as it appears on iPhone 6.

Producing Site Content

Surlang Pharmacy entrusted me to create and collaborate on the content for their site. I wrote sales copy, and sourced, or created all the imagery. I researched the products and services to help ensure quality content. Then I had the Surlang team review, edit, and revise the final results to incorporate their expert viewpoint.

By having a content-rich site, Surlang Pharmacy gives visitors value right away. By having me produce the content also freed up the pharmacy staff from the complicated and time-consuming task. They still had final say on all content, and were able to add personal touches that make the content true to their brand. 

Pharmacy Website Design Content

Search Engine Optimization

A primary goal of this site is for Surlang Pharmacy to gain visibility in Google search results. So I started with research to discover how potential Surlang customers are searching. That data gave me keyword insights needed to optimize the content, and code for search visibility.

Without an SEO strategy, Surlang would not appear in search results for the right terms. But using research-driven SEO, Surlang gets found by people searching for what they offer. In-store follow-up confirms the results. People are shopping at Surlang Pharmacy after finding the site in Google search.

The Results

I delivered a mobile responsive pharmacy website design. I produced 40+ pages of content, including search optimized images and sales copy.

Almost immediately following the launch, the site became visible in search results. Over the next few weeks, it began to rank in top positions for the search terms we targeted. Surlang Pharmacy’s search visibility attracts customers to the store on a regular basis.

Today Surlang Pharmacy relies on their website and SEO for 100% of their online marketing. They currently rank in the Top Five for several targeted keywords. They’re the Number One search result for six of the search keywords we targeted. New customers discover and shop at Surlang Pharmacy every day.

Surlang Pharmacy Website Design

Takeaways For Business Owners


Every business website is going to need SEO. The techniques and strategy I use to get reliable search rankings take time, and effort. But they can bring you business for years to come. The sooner you start, the better.


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